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Equipment  and References
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  • Test engines – from the vehicle engine to the marine Diesel engine
  • Design documents from the draft to the final design drawing for production
  • Designing of drive and energy generating systems
  • Optimization of components and assembly groups
  • Component and drawing data in the requested file formats
  • Product studies to provide for the scientific-technical application-oriented development and market-conform evaluation of combustion engines


  • Structural mechanical and thermal calculation of components
  • Inherent frequencies and forms of inherent vibrations in components
  • Flow processes
  • Forced harmonic torsion vibrations of openly branched systems
  • Non-stationary loaded sleeve bearing on the basis of the theory of hydrodynamic lubricating film
  • Dynamic behavior of a valve drive (three-masses system)
  • Machine components (gear wheels, bolts, pins, screws, springs, as well as journal bearings and ball or roller bearings, etc.)

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