Workplace for volume-flow measuring device
Workplace for volume-flow measuring device

Expansion measuring devices
Expansion measuring devices

Data logger
Data logger

Measuring and testing technology

  • Determination of physical parameters, e.g.
    -mass, power, current, voltage and time
  • Recording of specific measuring values to be registered at the engine
  • Determination of pollutant emissions
  • Noise load
  • Investigation of vibrations
  • Further development of measuring systems and measuring methods
  • Calibration of measuring signals and their evaluation and processing

Special measuring devices

  • for the recording of quickly changing values in injection and blower systems, combustion chambers and charge changing passages
  • for the recording or measurement of heat balances, component temperatures and expansions
  • for telemetric measuring-value transmissions
  • for the measurement of pollutants in exhaust gases and for the measurement of particles
  • for noise emissions and vibrations
  • for combustion investigations by multi-spectral pyrometry

Testing of components and materials in our test laboratories

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