SÖ-CR-Injektoreinbau FM 24D heavy fuel oil common rail injector assembly FM 24D

NOx - be im Prüfzyklus E3; Propellerbetrieb NOx – be (fuel consumption) in test cycle E3; propeller operation

Research projects

A selection of our research activities is listed below; they have been supported by public funding in the frame of market-preparing industrial research.

Considering the explosive nature of the publication of research topics, we can present to you only the projects released for publication.

  1. Heavy-oil common-rail injector for large engines in marine use

  2. Optimisation of the combustion of special gas types

  3. Soot-free prechamber ignition for large gas engines

  4. Large gas engine with laser ignition

  5. Formaldehyde in exhaust gases of combustion engines

  6. Cylinder liner in pressed connection of cast iron and steel (>250 bar)

  7. Development of a measuring system for the operating measurement of high pressures at high temperatures

  8. Analysis of the combustion processes inside the engine by means of flame spectroscopy

  9. Usage of alcohol as a renewable energy carrier

  10. Water injection in high-performance gas engines

  11. Vegetable oil as ignition jet in the bio-gas engine

  12. Production of fuel-water emulsions inside the engine

  13. Development of a method for electro-static particle reduction in exhaust gases of large diesel engines suitable for the use of heavy oil

  14. Dimensioning of the sliding partners valve/valve guidance of gas engines for operation without lubricants

  15. Development of the basics for fatigue resistant corrugated pipes

  16. Evaluation method for special fuels

  17. Variable swirl-generating device for diesel engines

  18. Development of a mix-formation method to minimise emissions by hot diesel injection

  19. Development for the high-pressure pulse test of components subjected to internal pressure, especially for components of injection systems in combustion engine building

  20. Development of a suction silencer for continuous-flow machines

  21. Method for the achievement of the knocking-free operation of medium-speed petrol gas engines

  22. Development of a switch-off system for diesel-operated mining vehicles in case of sudden exposure to an explosive atmosphere

  23. Development of a service device for the checking of switching operation points of injectors with mechatronic piezo actors

  24. Additional charging for soot reduction in unsteady processes of charged high-speed vehicle diesel engines

  25. Further development of a universally applicable, directly electrically driven gas high-pressure blow-in valve

  26. Development of a directly controlled common-rail gas high-pressure blow-in valve

  27. Method for the near-operation dimensioning of highly stressed engine components – cylinder liner for different engine types under very different operating conditions and modes of operation

  28. Development of a combustion engine for dimethyl ether with low-pressure common-rail injection system

  29. Basic investigations in the soot formation in large diesel engines in dependence on the fuel quality

  30. Development of a system series for dynamically loaded components under extremely high pressure stress

  31. Method development for a vehicle-compatible sensor to determine the mass related percentage of RME in mixes of RME and diesel fuel

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