neuartiger Abgaswärmetauscher Exhaust-gas heat exchanger


Section through the exhaust-gas heat exchanger

Exhaust-gas heat exchanger on involute basis


To utilize the energy of the exhaust gas from combustion engines, covering a portion of approximately one third of the energy contained in the fuel, there is a new-type heat exchanger on involute basis. This heat exchanger consists of a rotationally symmetrical body containing several involute blades. The exhaust gas flows in the ducts between the blades. The cooling or heating medium flows inside the hollow blade. The specific advantages of this new-type unit are the small volume by its compact construction, the low-maintenance operation, the high efficiency and the good cleaning opportunities.

Technical data

The technical opportunities of the patented involute heat exchanger can be demonstrated best by a comparison with a tubular heat exchanger. The following table shows exemplarily the data of heat exchangers having a capacity of 39 kW.



tubular heat exchanger

involute heat exchanger

External diameter




Length or height, respectively




Installation area








By applying the same efficiency principle, the involute heat exchanger can be dimensioned for any other capacity range.


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