oszillierendes Tribometer
Oscillation friction-measuring instrument

  Schm´nitt durch das oszillierendes Tribometer
Section though the oscillating friction-measuring instrument

oszillierendes Tribometer
Detail of the oscillating friction-measuring instrument

  Schm´nitt durch das oszillierendes Tribometer
Wear curve

 oszillierendes Tribometer
Wear factor

Oscillating friction-measuring instrument

Wear tests of material specimens

Operating principle

The specimens for the test are screwed to the piston rod by a specimen support, and slide in oscillating movement on the mating surfaces. The mating surfaces are pressed to the specimens at a defined power, and guided by a linear guiding system in accordance with the wear pf the specimens.

The measuring-value recording and editing program determines:

  • Friction force
  • Contact force
  • Wear curve
  • Sliding speed
  • Test duration
  • Wear factor


Advantages when compared to conventional friction-measuring instruments:

  • Near-praxis wear tests at oscillating movement
  • Simultaneous measurement at several specimens
  • Wide variation range of the test conditions
       - Contact force
       - Sliding speed
       - Temperature of the mating surfaces
       - Gases: air, H2, N2 and natural gas
  • Stroke 130 mm
  • Max. mean sliding speed 6 m/s


Technical data

Dimensions and weights

Size of specimen
tubular specimen, d = 8 mm x 10 mm length
rectangular specimen, 7 x 7 mm, 10 mm length
Number of specimens four (at least two / opposite position)
Mean sliding speed 1 to 6 m/s (variation by engine speed)
Contact force 50 to 500 N
Temperature of the mating surfaces 80 to 200 °C
Temperature in the measuring chamber max. 70 °C
Pressure of the measuring chamber max. 2 bar (abs)
Dimensions HBT 1700 x 600 x 1000 mm
Weight approx. 850 kg

Power connection

Power supply 400 V, 3 ~ N, 50 Hz
Fuse 63 A
Pneumatic connection / nitrogen 1 to 6 bar

Range of application


Determination of the wear parameters of materials in dry run under the influence of different gases, as e.g. hydrogen or natural gas

Product sheet: PDF


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