Schnitt - oszillierendes Tribometer
Section – oscillating friction-measuring instrument

Exhaust gas heat exchanger



Here you find a selection of our most innovative products.

Research engines

Development and construction of a research engine or of one of our proven 1-cylinder research engines on the basis of your guidelines
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Oscillating friction-measuring instrument

The friction-measuring instrument is used for the determination of the wear parameters of materials with oscillating movement in dry run under the influence of different gases, as e.g. hydrogen or natural gas.
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Fuel-water emulsifying system

The use of water as additive to fuel provides a way to the drastic reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and soot emissions. The fuel-water emulsifying unit generates an emulsion of good fineness, homogeneity and sufficient stability without the addition of emulsifiers.
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Volume-flow measuring device

The volume-flow measuring device allows for the quick and exact measurement of the most important parameters of fuel injectors.
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Exhaust-gas heat exchanger

For the use of the exhaust-gas energy of combustion engines, covering about one third of the energy in the fuel, a new-type heat exchanger on involute basis is provided.
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