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3th Dessau Gas Engine Conference May 22-23, 2003


More than 160 participants from all over the world came to Dessau and took part in this scientific forum, organized by the WTZ Roßlau gGmbH. 

Notable speakers of the engine and engine accessories industry, of the research in universities and  industrial research, of the engine users and gas suppliers have presented their knowledge in 5 sessions

  • Fundamental Investigations and Developments of Gas Engines
  • Newly Developed Gas Engines
  • Utilization of Special Gases
  • Simulation
  • Gas Engine Accessories

The conference has been  a good opportunity for development engineers, producers and users of gas engines to be satisfied on the state of the development, newly trends and on the permanently increasing acceptance of the gas engine technology in the economy and in politics.

In conference breaks and in the evening many opportunities were given for animated conversations and discussions between the specialists.

An accompanied  exhibition showed what is new and important in the field of accessories industry.

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